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      Find out more information about Box Tops for Education, Capri Sun Pouch Collection, Stop and Shop A+ Bonus Bucks, and/or to register at OneCause.com, by clicking on the links below:
  1. Box Tops for Education

  2. Carpi Sun Pouches

  3. Stop and Shop A+ Bonus Bucks

  4. OneCause

  5. Labels for Education

  6. Empty Printer Cartridges - St. Mary's Elementary School participates in the collection of empty printer cartridges. We are currently participating in The Funding Factory Recycling Program. We receive points for each cartridge returned. Theses points can be used to purchase a variety of different items for our school.

    To find out more about this program and the qualifiying cartridges, click on the following links:

    Funding Factory

    Qualifying Cartridges

Thank you for contributing to our ongoing fundraisers, we appreciate you taking the time to help make our school a better place.

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